Bomanite has been the recognized leading brand of stamped concrete systems in the architectural concrete paving and flooring industry for over 50 years. Harrington Bomanite Corporation has been New England's licensed Bomanite contractor since 1971. Being part of this exclusive network of Bomanite craftsmen offers something that local installers can't match. Experience. Consistency. Training. Service. Support.
Bomanite Systems
Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete

Bomanite - the original cast-in-place, colored and imprinted architectural concrete paving. This product provides an imprinted pattern that has a smooth surface between the joint lines. The imprinting tools produce patterns in the surface of the concrete in much the same way as a cookie cutter cuts patterns in cookie dough. Simulates most smooth tiles, new brick and certain stone materials.

Bomacron- A textured version of the original, this product is also cast-in-place, colored and imprinted, but provides the added dimension of texture and relief between the joint lines. Simulates a wide variety of natural materials including slate, granite, limestone, sandstone, wood and cobblestone.

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Exposed Aggregate

Exposed Aggregate Systems

Today, with new technology and inventive products, novel exposed aggregate finishing options have emerged from The Bomanite Companyto breathe new life into the aged decorative concrete technique. Bomanite Sandscape® Texture and Bomanite Revealed™ offer a variety of modernized mixes and an unlimited palette of colors, textures and aggregate options to choose from, Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems offers cost-effective solutions that are more durable than ever and reveal just how brilliant concrete can be.

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Toppings Systems

Bomanite Toppings Systemsis a revolutionary approach to designing with architectural concrete. Comprising of Patène Artectura, Micro-Top, Micro-Top XT, Thin-Set, Self-Leveler, HD Mortar, Bomanite Toppings Systems is capable of turning any stable substrate into a prize-winning work of art at a fraction of the time and cost normally associated with elaborate forming and design work. Bomanite Toppings Systemscan take color to new heights, placing vibrant details on walls and other vertical surfaces where color could not be normally placed, allowing for unlimited design potential. Bomanite Toppings Systems bring your vision to life. .

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Pervious Concrete Systems

Grasscrete, a Bomanite Pervious Concrete System, is a cast-in-place, monolithic, pervious concrete pavement that is continuously reinforced to provide superior structural integrity.

Bomanite Grasscrete is the green alternative to standard concrete surfaces providing a variety of landscape solutions while maintaining a sustainable green product design used for emergency access lanes, delivery access routes, overflow parking areas, and for intermittent drainage channels that help prevent erosion. Grasscrete has been a Bomanite System for over 20 years with installations throughout North America in all climate types. Achieved through the use of two differing techniques and three differing tools known as “formers”, Grasscrete is void structured concrete – a pervious pavement system that can be cast using proven mix designs with no potential for freeze-thaw or clogging issues. Grasscrete can be used as an exposed utilitarian product for functional applications or as a concealed system with vegetation such as grass or native ground cover installed over the concrete. This system allows you to mitigate drainage issues while maintaining strong structural integrity that allows for some of the heaviest vehicles to operate unencumbered.

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